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There are many online resources about art, museums, and conservation. These are just a few that you might find interesting!

American Institute for Conservation The professional organization of American conservators, with over 3000 members nationwide.

Conservators in Private Practice The subgroup of AIC for conservators who work directly with private and institutional clients.

Heritage Preservation The home of SOS Save Outdoor Sculpture and administrator of the IMLS Conservation Assessment Program, HP is a national conservation resource.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Preservation North Carolina

National New Deal Preservation Association A non-profit organization whose mission is to identify, document and preserve the New Deal visual and performing arts, literature, crafts, structures and environmental projects and to educate people about these important legacies.

Buffalo State College Art Conservation Department

Midwest Art Conservation Center A Minneapolis-based regional center (formerly the Upper Midwest Conservation Association) serving museums in several states with treatment and consultative services. Jan Hessling served as the Interim Director of Field Services in 2002.

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories, Inc. Contractor for the Fair Park Murals restoration project.

Fair Park Mural Project, Dallas Texas Jan Hessling was part of the team that restored paintings which decorate the Art Deco buildings at the Texas state fairgrounds.

Evergreene Architectural Arts Contractor for several projects on which Jan Hessling was a supervising conservator, including.the Liberty Memorial, the Illinois State Capitol, the Iowa State Capitol, Coral Gables, Florida's City Hall, and the Plaza Theater, El Paso, Texas.

Illinois State Capitol Jan Hessling supervised the restoration of murals in the Capitol rotunda.

Liberty Memorial Jan Hessling was part of the team that restored the Pantheon de la Guerre and other murals in preparation for the opening of the new museum in 2002.

Minneapolis Museum of Art This interactive site describes the restoration of two Italian Renaissance altarpieces.

Auckland Art Gallery The Gallery has a fine collection of European paintings as well as the premier collection of work by New Zealand artists. 

The Museum of Depressionist Art An online gallery full of weird and wonderful things! "What Les Ballets Trockaderos is to classical ballet, the Depressionist Museum is to the world of art." ~Christine Temin, Boston Globe